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Tucson Bariatric is a Tucson based comprehensive surgical weight loss program, and the practice of Dr. Jeffrey Monash and Dr. Christine Lovato. Our approach to weight loss surgery is to find the right tool and employ the appropriate clinicians to fit the unique needs and goals of every patient. We believe that conscientious dietary choices, appropriate portion sizes, and healthful lifestyle changes promote life long success. Our mission is to provide ongoing service so that our patients live healthier, live happier and live longer.

Who Comes to Tucson Bariatric?

Most of our patients have tried and failed dietary plans, appetite suppressants, hypnotherapy, and many other methods designed to lose weight. Many have even had surgery elsewhere, but did not lose the weight intended, or have even regained.

We believe that bariatric surgery is not a quick fix or easy solution, but when used appropriately, is the most effective long term treatment for obesity and related diseases. Every patient presents with a unique history, and we tailor our treatment to the individual. We believe in a team approach, and will provide in-house clinical psychology and dietary support.

At Tucson Bariatric, Drs. Monash and Lovato feel strongly for easy patient communication. We invite questions or concerns from patients at any time of day or any day of the week, and we will respond personally.

Located at 4715 E. Camp Lowell in the Swan Corporate Center, we are easily accessible throughout the Greater Tucson area. We invite you to reach out and schedule an appointment today. We look forward to helping you achieve your weight loss goals!

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Meet Our Physicians

Dr. Jeffrey Monash

Senior Practicing Partner

Dr. Monash is a Board Certified General, Advanced Laparoscopic, and Bariatric Surgeon. He graduated surgical residency from William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan after completing his education at the Wayne State School of Medicine in Detroit.

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Christine Lovato, MD

General and Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Lovato is a Board Certified, Advanced Laparoscopic, General and Bariatric Surgeon. She is also certified in both multiport and single-incision robotic surgery using the DaVinci® system. She has served on both quality and partnership councils during her training with a focus on quality improvement and safety in surgery.

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