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At Tucson Bariatric, we strive to serve our community well. We understand that every patient’s circumstance is unique, and we are willing to accept patients into our program whom have had Bariatric Surgery elsewhere. We understand that many patients are merely seeking maintenance and guidance; and, we offer a wide range of weight loss-related and supportive services to help. We are also aware that many patients are unhappy with their weight loss, have regained weight, or may have problems that arose from prior surgery.

Revision surgery refers to an operation that is designed to fix a specific problem, but not to change the underlying surgery itself. For example, if an adjustable gastric band were to ‘slip’ then a Revision surgery is needed to place the band in the correct position. Conversion surgery refers to an operation that changes the underlying Bariatric Surgery. For example, if a previous weight loss surgery such as the Vertical Banded Gastroplasty were to fail, a Conversion surgery is needed to change the anatomy to an appropriate weight loss option such as the Gastric Bypass.