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Welcome to Tucson Bariatric

Greetings! At Tucson Bariatric, you will find a friendly team of medical professionals that are truly dedicated to your long-term weight loss success. If you are interested in Bariatric surgery, we will help you to get insurance authorization. If not, we won’t sell you an operation! We believe in a practical, individualized weight loss program that does NOT prescribe any special diets, injections, supplements, or appetite suppressants. If the treatment is temporary, then so is the weight loss!

Dr. Monash has established three separate Accredited Bariatric Surgery programs here in Tucson, and has performed over 5,500 Bariatric operations. In addition, he has helped over 8,000 patients with non-operative weight loss. He strives to connect with each patient on a personal level, and has developed a program that is truly sustainable. His motto has always been, “Live happier, live healthier, live longer.” He is taking a break from surgery to focus more on family and personal aspirations, and works with other Bariatric surgeons here in Tucson and Phoenix that are actively operating. This provides our patients the time and opportunity to connect with Dr. Monash, and share his knowledge and expertise in a very unique way. He has confidence that nearly all of his patients will lose the weight intended, and his focus will be on helping you to keep it off!

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Let us help you to live healthier, live happier, and live longer with our surgical weight loss program.

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Debbie S.
I am just so much more healthy since I had the procedure

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Irene V.
I have been able to eat anything and everything!

Irene V. | View

Kathy K.
I now that without my weight loss I would not have the strength or energy for this endeavor. Always grateful to you and your team Dr. Monash!

Kathy K. | View