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We are here for the sole purpose in assisting your weight loss journey!

Our team was founded by Jeff Monash MD, FACS in 2007, and we have dedicated ourselves to weight loss ever since. Though Dr. Monash has stopped performing Bariatric surgeries himself, he continues to guide patients through our program, before and after surgery. He believes in personal guidance with an individualized dietary plan. His patients benefit from his experience in performing over 5500 Bariatric surgeries, and from guiding an additional 12,000 patients from other surgeons as well.

During the pandemic, Dr. Monash also developed a non-operative weight loss program. It is not a specific diet, nor does it push appetite suppressant medications. It is a program based on identifying and correcting abnormal relationships with food, and he provides practical solutions to relatable problems. He strongly believes that if a dietary plan is not practical it will not be sustainable.

If you are interested in Bariatric surgery, our team specializes in helping you to obtain insurance authorization. Our team has over 20 years of experience with leaping insurance hurdles. We will guide you through the process, and provide the appropriate referrals when necessary. Dr. Monash will help to prepare you as only a surgeon may. He will answer any and all of your questions about the operations themselves, and he will counsel you pre- and postoperatively. He will recommend a surgeon based on your insurance and geographic location.

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Let us help you to live healthier, live happier, and live longer with our surgical weight loss program.

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Debbie S.
I am just so much more healthy since I had the procedure

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Irene V.
I have been able to eat anything and everything!

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Kathy K.
I now that without my weight loss I would not have the strength or energy for this endeavor. Always grateful to you and your team Dr. Monash!

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