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Water Bottles

After surgery, your fluid goal will always and forever be 48-64oz  per day at a minimum.

Having a water bottle that tracks how much you drink and “reminds” you to drink is a great tool!


Tracks water: A sensor inside the bottle automatically records how many oz/ml you drink.

Glows/flashes to remind you to drink and celebrates when you’ve reached your daily goal.

Syncs to Fitbit and more (Fitbit, Apple Watch, Apple Health Kit, Google Fit, Under Armour Record, and Nokia / Withings)

Also available at Target



Ulla – the world’s first hydration reminder bottle attachment

  • ✔ Tracks when you drink
  • ✔ Reminds you to hydrate if you forget
  • ✔ Blinks before dehydration kicks in
  • ✔ Fits on any water bottle
  • ✔ Fully automated and easy to use