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Success Stories

We are always excited to hear from our patients that have undergone weight loss surgery flourish in their new lifestyle. These are regular people just like you that have overcome obesity to enjoy life in ways they never thought possible.

Debbie S.

Debbie S.   watch-video

48 Months Post-Op

"I am just so much more healthy since I had the procedure"

Irene V.

Irene V.   watch-video

14 Months Post-Op

"I have been able to eat anything and everything!"

Kathy K.

Kathy K.  

7 Years Months Post-Op

" I now that without my weight loss I would not have the strength or energy for this endeavor. Always grateful to you and your team Dr. Monash!"

M. Norris

M. Norris  

26 Months Months Post-Op

"...I recommend Dr. Jeffrey Mondash to anyone inquiring about weight loss/laparoscopic surgery."

Linda V.

Linda V.     Linda V. After

7 Months Months Post-Op


Debbie A.

Debbie A.   watch-video

18 Months Post-Op

"This was an absolute Godsend. Dr. Monash changed my life!"

Mary S.

Mary S.   watch-video

12 Months Post-Op

"...I'm thinking, why did I wait so long?"

Nio W.

Nio W.   watch-video

59 Months Post-Op

"I have come to enjoy life and couldn't have done this before"

Stephanie S.

Stephanie S.   watch-video

17 Months Post-Op

"Dr. Monash is always positive... He's just awesome!"

Jesse G.

Jesse G.   watch-video

8 Months Post-Op

"It wasn't that I listened to Dr. Monash, he listened to me!"

Claudia M.

Claudia M.   watch-video

12 Months Post-Op

"When I see an obese (person), I just want to grab them... and say you don't have to live like this!"

Richard F.

Richard F.   watch-video

25 Months Post-Op

"Dr. Monash really cares and he tells you what is going to happen. He is there for you 24/7"

Katrina M.

Katrina M.   watch-video

21 Months Post-Op

"Dr. Monash makes me feel like I am the only patient that he has... and his staff is the same way!"

Mia S.

Mia S.   watch-video

41 Months Post-Op

"Updated Video: It has helped my self confidence and self esteem!"

Michelle H.

Michelle H.   watch-video

20 Months Post-Op

"There were times where I could not fit into a booth at a restaurant, now I don't have that worry"


Bernie   watch-video

9 Months Post-Op

"I have never known another doctor that is serious about your health and Dr. Monash puts you first"

Laurie M.

Laurie M.   watch-video

48 Months Post-Op

"It has been a life changing event and I would recommend it to anyone!"


Dennis   watch-video

10 Months Post-Op

"I ride a bike now, close to 100 miles a week"

Dianna V.

Dianna V.   watch-video

14 Months Post-Op

"I thank Dr. Monash so much that I have a different life!"

Claudia R.

Claudia R.   watch-video

16 Months Post-Op

"If I would have to do it again, it would be with Dr. Monash. No other doctor."

Sabra H.

Sabra H.   watch-video

12 Months Post-Op

"I can go to lot's of fun places with my daughter that I could not go before"

Kathie B.

Kathie B.   watch-video

10 Months Post-Op

"I could talk for hours about Dr. Monash, he really is one of the best doctors you'll ever see!"

Michelle H.

Michelle H.   watch-video

11 Months Post-Op

"I am gaining my self-esteem back, I am gaining confidence back!"

Diane K.

Diane K.   watch-video

15 Months Post-Op

"Dr. Monash said when he first met me that he was going to make me beautiful"

Diana S.

Diana S.   watch-video

22 Months Post-Op

"The biggest change since I've had my surgery was mentally realizing how dependent I was on food."

Grey H.

Grey H.   watch-video

14 Months Post-Op

"It was important to be able to have a doctor that was not too busy"

Fran R.

Fran R.   watch-video

22 Months Post-Op

"I have just enjoyed life so much more!"

Melanie S.

Melanie S.   watch-video

19 Months Post-Op

"It is real empowering!"

Margareta A.

Margareta A.   watch-video

22 Months Post-Op

"I made a decision to be more active in my life"

Renne B.

Renne B.   watch-video

23 Months Post-Op

"It is so great to be able to shop for normal size clothes"

Orissa S.

Orissa S.   watch-video

18 Months Post-Op

"Once I met Dr. Monash, he put me completely at ease. "

Rudy B.

Rudy B.   watch-video

16 Months Post-Op

"The fact that I control my diabetes is big"

Roxanne G.

Roxanne G.   watch-video

14 Months Post-Op

"I can wear pretty clothes and dance in high heels and just be free!"

Tom W.

Tom W.   watch-video

16 Months Post-Op

"I added 15, maybe 20 years to my life!"

Kelsie R.

Kelsie R.   watch-video

36 Months Post-Op

"I make more friends, I am more personable and actually have an easier time at my job"

The Larsons

The Larsons   watch-video

30 Months Post-Op

"It was the best thing we ever did for each other"

Sybil D.

Sybil D.   watch-video

16 Months Post-Op

"It has given me a new lease on life!"

Rafael B.

Rafael B.   watch-video

13 Months Post-Op

"I have become very physically fit."

Cheryll B.

Cheryll B.   watch-video

13 Months Post-Op

"I sleep fantastic now! I don't even snore anymore!"

Greg T.

Greg T.   watch-video

32 Months Post-Op

"When I started, I weighed 392 pounds. This morning I weighed 220 pounds!"

Brenda P.

Brenda P.   watch-video

23 Months Post-Op

"I can out-shop my 22 year old daughter!"

Klyle S.

Klyle S.   watch-video

26 Months Post-Op

"Now I walk 18 holes of golf 3 days a week."

Jessica E.

Jessica E.   watch-video

24 Months Post-Op

"I have more energy, I can take my daughter to the park and run around"

John B.

John B.   watch-video

19 Months Post-Op

"Three weeks after surgery I was up to walking ten miles a day"

Kathy K.

Kathy K.   watch-video

15 Months Post-Op

"I recently started running. Running has been a life-long dream of mine"

Jim K.

Jim K.   watch-video

28 Months Post-Op

"They call me skinny-minnie"

Mia S.

Mia S.   watch-video

41 Months Post-Op

"It has helped my self-confidence and self-esteem"

Robert S.

Robert S.   watch-video

6 Months Post-Op

"My own daughter of 26 years didn't even know me, I've lost so much weight"

Karen M.

Karen M.   watch-video

16 Months Post-Op

"I have more confidence in who I am..."

Paul S.

Paul S.   watch-video

34 Months Post-Op

"When I talked to Dr. Monash, I was talking to the right person to do my surgery"

Liz C.

Liz C.   watch-video

27 Months Post-Op

"I was on ten medications, I am no longer on any of them"

Nicole R.

Nicole R.   watch-video

19 Months Post-Op

"I sleep better, I feel better, I have more energy and I am off all medications"

Cheryl P.

Cheryl P.   watch-video

36 Months Post-Op

"Dr. Monash understood exactly what I needed!"

Patricia B.

Patricia B.   watch-video

6 Months Post-Op

"My eating habits have changed for the better"

Dawn H.

Dawn H.   watch-video

18 Months Post-Op

"I can get ahead if the younger kids, I can lead the pack instead of waddling behind"

Adeline L.

Adeline L.   watch-video

12 Months Post-Op

"My whole life has changed. It's amazing!"

Jolene H.

Jolene H.   watch-video

21 Months Post-Op

"I can go shopping for cute little clothes"

Michelle S.

Michelle S.   watch-video

13 Months Post-Op

"This tool has helped me... not let food take over my life"

Debbie S.

Debbie S.   watch-video

28 Months Post-Op

"For my son's home coming from Afghanistan, my son's not even going to know who I am"