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Tips for Minimizing Hair Loss

Losing hair 3 to 5 months after weight loss surgery is a relatively common occurrence that happens from losing weight rapidly, not getting enough protein, and the general stress your body goes through from surgery.

Lack of protein in your diet will cause the hair to break off as it grows through the scalp. So FIRST AND FOREMOST:

  • Consume a minimum of 60 to 80 grams of protein each day.
  • Include a protein rich food with every meal and snack.
  • Use liquid or powdered protein supplements to meet daily protein intake goals.

Other less common reasons for post-surgery hair loss might be a lack of important dietary nutrients such as zinc, biotin, potassium, vitamin B6, or phosphorus. A deficiency of these nutrients can damage the hair root, thus making follicles unsalvageable.

  • Take vitamin and mineral supplements as recommended by our dietitian. (The supplements we recommend in our office have the proper amounts of the above named vitamins and minerals).
  • Eat a wide variety of healthy, nutrient-rich foods every day.


**If bariatric surgery-related hair loss does occur, don’t worry – it will grow back!