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Thinner Thanksgiving

Light Holiday Meal ChoicesIf you are cooking for Thanksgiving, here are just a few ways to avoid unnecessary, excess calories. Most importantly, don’t wait until dinner to eat! Scatter some healthy protein through the day because going to the Thanksgiving table too hungry could be your first mistake! You may want to try cooking the stuffing separate form the bird. You could also consider using fat free mushroom soup in your green bean casserole. Sweet potatoes and yams have less refined carbohydrates than regular mashed potatoes (however, be careful of how canned yams are preserved – many will have unwanted calories from excess carbohydrates used in the preservation process).  Always reach for the skinless turkey – yes, the skin does contain some nutrients, but none that are essential and far more fat and cholesterol. As eggs will certainly be needed in some of your recipes, consider using two egg whites instead of one egg white with yolk. Also, consider substitutions for sugar and whipped cream – ie. Splenda, non-dairy Cool Whip Free.

Remember, keep the portions small! Load your plate with vegetables first, and keep in mind that there are often greater than 300 calories in just one piece of pumpkin pie! I know, it’s not fair.