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Privacy Policy

The Tucson Bariatric website does not collect personal information to be used to log in or view any medical information related to our visitors.  This is an informational website only, to be used to assist in understanding what we provide to visitors.  Our website pages, information or blog posts are not to be used as medical direction as a replacement to the consultation or advice of a physician.  It is for informational purposes only and may contain opinions as well as errors that we can correct.  For specific information about your individual health, please make an appointment or consult your primary care physician.

Email Addresses

Tucson Bariatric can request your email address on our website as a method of delivering our own content to your email as requested by the visitor.  We do not sell or distribute these emails to any 3rd party vendors or utilize lists for anything other than basic information through our website and/or newsletters that may be sent on a semi-annual basis.

Visitors can both subscribe and un-subscribe to any content delivery and we respect the customer’s right to privacy.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this notice as necessary and post newly revised information on our website so that you understand our policies.