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Meal Planning Can Be As Simple As Getting Dressed

Deciding what to eat can be simple if you liken the decision to getting dressed.

You’d never leave the house without both a shirt and pants on, right? They’re essential to not being arrested for indecent exposure!

There are essential articles of clothing you always put on, and similarly there are components of a meal you should always put on your plate.

Accessories like watches, earrings, scarves, belts, and hats are nice to wear too and they add a little spice and personality to what you’re wearing but they’re not necessary to have on. You’d NEVER go out wearing accessories ONLY, right? (At least I hope not! I sure wouldn’t!)

Similar to using accessories as complements to an outfit, you can think of certain foods as complements to a meal.

Deciding what to eat then becomes as easy as getting dressed if you can start to think in these terms.

The ESSENTIALS are protein and produce…in that order. Eat your protein first. Always. Then introduce produce. This means fruits and vegetables.

Starchy foods and healthy fats (nuts, pb, avocado, oil) can be used too but they should be thought of only as ACCESSORIES to a meal…never the main focus.

That means a meal consisting of only whole wheat crackers or only pretzels is NOT a good choice. That would be the equivalent of going outside with just a bracelet or necklace on…not good!

A better meal would consist of turkey slices and a few slices of apple or lowfat cottage cheese and some berries. Protein + produce. Get it?

If you need help with meal planning you can always schedule a visit with me, Suzette Kroll, RD! I’m available in the office.