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Is my band too tight?

The gastric band promotes weight loss by limiting your food and calorie intake, but it can become too tight.  You should feel significant restriction from your band with most meals, but not necessarily every time you eat.  Significant restriction refers to pinching of the band that forces you to take smaller bites, chew for longer periods, and take more time with meals; however, the restriction should not prevent you from eating an appropriately wide variety of healthy foods such as vegetables and some meats.

Lap band Too Tight

If your band is too tight, it may even prevent weight loss!  By limiting the variety of solid foods that can pass by the band, prohibitive restriction will lead you to a soft, mushy, or even liquid diet.  These foods tend toward carbohydrates, refined sugars, and empty calories.  This has been referred to as the ‘Maladaptive Eating syndrome.’

Besides dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), signs that your band is too tight may include symptoms of heartburn/GERD, pain after eating, and/or excess mucous or saliva production.  A band that is too tight may even harm your esophagus.  If you have ANY concerns that your band is too tight, contact me!