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By the Way, How Much Should I Walk?

First, you need a pedometer. I’ll be happy to supply your first one.
Not only will a pedometer help to quantify your daily activity, it can measure progress!

Aerobic, cardiorespiratory activity is vital to our health as human beings. Unfortunately, we are becoming more and more sedentary with time. For good ‘heart health’ the American Heart Association recommends that we take at lease 10,000 steps each day.

Yes, that’s 10,000 steps each day.
No, it doesn’t count if you put your pedometer on your dog’s collar.

Don’t forget, I recommended at least 4 days per week of aerobic exercise. As you have probably heard from me already, the key is CONSISTENCY. Schedule your exercise for the SAME TIME each day – make it routine!

As part of my support of Healthiest Town in America,  I will provide pedometers for you at my front desk. Don’t be shy!