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Food of the Week: Pears

Every week I’ll suggest a new, healthy food. Your job is to try it at least once during the week.

I may suggest a food you’ve never heard of before or one you haven’t eaten in a while. I may even suggest a food you think you don’t like. Make a point to try it anyway. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll like it this time.

Food of the Week November 4, 2014:  Pears

One medium pear has ~ 100 calories, is a good source of vitamin C and an excellent source of fiber when eaten with the skin.

  • Shred a pear and add to canned tuna or canned salmon
  • Pair a pear with plain nonfat greek yogurt and add a dash of vanilla extract
  • Enjoy a pear with a slice of lowfat cheese
  • Add diced pear to cooked oatmeal. Top with ready to drink vanilla flavored protein drink for “cream” over the top.
  • Enjoy a pear at least once this week!

P.S . The Harry and David Pears available at Trader Joes right now look to-die-for!!