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Food of the Week: Green Beans

Every week I’ll suggest a new, healthy food. Your job is to try it at least once during the week.

I may suggest a food you’ve never heard of before or one you haven’t eaten in a while. I may even suggest a food you think you don’t like. Make a point to try it anyway. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll like it this time.

Food of the Week December 8, 2014:  Green Beans

Although we see the green in green beans, they also provide other colorful pigments such as orange carotenoids (found in carrots and sweet potatoes!).

Choose fresh, well colored beans that snap easily when bent. Refrigerate green beans in plastic, use within 1 week.

Green beans are a good source of vitamin C, fiber, manganese, and vitamin K.

Try eating them raw for a snack or lightly steam or microwave and season with Mrs Dash, Molly McButter, or Butter Buds.

Make a point to go to a farmers market this weekend. Once you try a truly fresh crunchy green bean, you’ll be hooked! See list of Tucson Farmers Markets.
Note: The Heirloom Market is a newer farmers market not on the previous list. See you there!