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Granny Smith Apples

Every week I’ll suggest a new, healthy food. Your job is to try it at least once during the week.

I may suggest a food you’ve never heard of before or one you haven’t eaten in a while. I may even suggest a food you think you don’t like. Make a point to try it anyway. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll like it this time.

Food of the Week Oct 6, 2014:  Granny Smith Apples

While all apples contain nutrition heavy-hitters like prebiotics, fiber and polyphenols, the tart Granny Smith contained the most of these good-for-you compounds in a study comparing 7 types of apples. Granny Smith apples were found to balance out friendly bacteria in the gut, which may increase satiety. Go Granny!

Eat at least one granny smith apple this week:

  • Eat with lowfat cheddar cheese
  • Spread thin layer of pb on whole wheat crackers and top with granny smith apple slices
  • Use apple slices as “bread” and top with turkey and lowfat cheese
  • If you have a great high powered blender, add a granny smith apple to a green smoothie made with spinach, kale, cucumber and vanilla protein powder.