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6 x 150 Challenge

Get Active!

The Challenge: For 6 weeks in a row, engage in 150 minutes of exercise/physical activity per week.

(Translation: Be active for 30 minutes, 5 days a week, or any other way you need to get the 150 minutes done!)

How it Works

1. Download an Activity Log

2. Pick a start date.

3. Every day, record the number of minutes you engage in exercise/physical activity.

Note: You must be honest! Your record of exercise is kept on an honor system. The scale doesn’t lie. Fibbing will be apparent when you weight in. Plus, it’s bad karma 🙂

4. What “counts” as physical activity/exercise?

  • Any movement that uses large muscle groups (as opposed to sitting or lying down)
  • Physical activity doesn’t have to be continuous. For example, you can walk 10 minutes, 3x/d and record 30 minutes for that day.


Note: You can complete as many 6 week challenges as you like!