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10:1 Ratio Rule

Don’t spend more than 10 calories per gram of protein.

Here’s an easy way to do the math when you have a food label.
(Click on the label below to make it bigger)

Step 1:

Determine the number of grams of protein

Label example: 6g


Step 2:

Add a zero to the end of the number in Step 1

Label example: 6g becomes 60

The Calories should not be any higher than this number (protein + zero on the end)


Step 3:

Read the Calories

Label example: 167
Step 4:

Compare the number determined in Step 2 (60), to the Calories (167)
Step 5:

If the Calories are higher than the number in Step 2, then put the food back.

This would mean you’re spending more than 10 calories for each gram of protein

Label example: 167 > 60….therefore, put the food back!


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