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Every week I’ll suggest a new, healthy food. Your job is to try it at least once during the week.

I may suggest a food you’ve never heard of before or one you haven’t eaten in a while. I may even suggest a food you think you don’t like. Make a point to try it anyway. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll like it this time.

Food of the week: QUINOA. Pronounced “keen-wha”. This gluten free grain is high in protein and also a good source of phosphorus, copper, magnesium, dietary fiber, folate, and zinc.


You can purchase quinoa at Trader Joes, Sprouts, Whole Food Market, and many “regular” grocery stores. It will either be in the “health food section” or the rice/pasta aisle.

Try it sometime this week: Combine cooked chilled quinoa with pinto beans, pumpkin seeds, scallions and coriander; season to taste and enjoy this south-of-the-border inspired salad. Or add a sprinkling of nuts and fruits to cooked quinoa and serve as breakfast porridge.

You’ll find oodles of healthy quinoa recipes on line if you simply google “lowfat quinoa recipes.” Also see Tucson Bariatric on for more quinoa recipes.