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MUST HAVE Weight Loss Tool: Food Journal

Just like taking notes in school, keeping a record of what you eat reinforces knowledge and awareness. Owning a food journal can’t make you lose weight, but using it is certain to help!

Your weight loss surgery is a tool. However, you may require the help of a few other tools along the way as well. A food journal is just that.

What should you record in your food journal?

Everything you eat and drink

When should you record in your food journal?

Immediately after eating. Don’t rely on your memory at the end of the day to recall every sip, nibble and lick that you had.

Should you review your food journal?

YES! Review it weekly for trends. Are you eating enough protein? Drinking enough fluid? How many hours are you leaving between meals? Do you notice trends such as going too long without eating, then getting overly hungry and overeating? Do you notice that you eat more on the weekends?

Review your journal in order to gain insight about your unique eating habits. Self-awareness is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you use an app, a free online journal or a paper journal to record your food intake. Just make sure to keep a journal in some fashion. Just do it!

If you like the ol’ fashioned way of recording with pen and paper, you’ll love the food journals we offer. Developed by Bariatric Dietitian, Suzette Kroll, RD, these journals make it easy to keep track of daily intake and check overall nutrition balance at a glance by using a “check off” system. Available online or in the office with no shipping fees!